Jagdeep Sidhu, who is known for directing and writing critically acclaimed and commercially successful Punjabi films such as Qismat, Qismat 2, Sufna etc is coming back with another movie”Moh”.
Lead roles are played by Sargun Mehta who is one kind of favourite actresses of Sidhu and opposite is Gitaz Bindrakhia. Along with the leading star cast, the film also stars Amrit Amby, Prabh Bains, Prakash Gandhu, Balraj Sidhu, Sukhdev Ladhar, Aman Suthdar, Ikatar Singh, Jashanjit Gosha, Parminder Barnala, Anita Meet, Kumar Ajay, Kulwinder Sidhu, Vikram Pannu and Fateh Siyan.
Talking about the story which can be predicted from the trailer shows that It is a story of a young boy, Gitaz’s character, falling in love with Sargun’s character, who is from orchestra team.
As time passes, the love between the two grows for each other but unfortunately, their love never meets its fate. On one hand, Gitaz is shown as a decent guy, who destroys himself for love and turns into an alcohol addict, on the other hand, Sargun’s character is shown as a beautiful lady, who despite going through a lot, always keeps a smile on her face.
This has to be seen on 16th September if viewers are once again going to like this team and also welcoming Gitaz back to the film industry after long time. Amidst the tough time for industry presently, let’s see if viewers will like this story or not.