Mark Wahlberg plays Hart’s old friend in the movie, which dropped on Netflix this Friday,as the two reconnect and get into some mayhem while the family of Hart’s character goes on a trip.

Mark Wahlberg, 51, explained that he’d already agreed to star in 43-year-old Hart’s comedy “Me Time” when the comedian decided to expose his bare derriere. He stated that Hart came to him with the movie and he said “Absolutely “. Later on the part was rewritten before his entrance and he found himself naked.
“I mean, he did me dirty,” added Wahlberg.

In the end, Wahlberg was quiet ok with the nude scenes that he even sat his wife and daughter down to watch it.
“The first time I came out naked, my daughter, her face was purple but she was laughing hysterically,” Wahlberg recalled. “I mean, she was a little embarrassed but she couldn’t stop, man.”