Pep Guardiola watched Erling Haaland score another two goals before half time against Copenhagen and then moved as swiftly as the new superstar of English football to deny there is a release clause that will cut short his stay at Manchester City. It has only taken 19 goals in 12 games for the first rumours to be whispered suggesting the brilliant young Norwegian could leave for Real Madrid because of an exit clause in the contract he signed this summer.

As English football hails the arrival of this unstoppable force and tries to come to terms with the records he is going to smash, the Spanish media had stories claiming he will be heading there next with Real Madrid to make it sooner than anyone expected. There is no doubt that both Real Madrid, and their fellow European Super League campaigners Barcelona, would like to sign Haaland. And it may well be true that there is a release clause that becomes active somewhere down the line, in the summer of 2024 perhaps but Guardiola is not concerned and neither is anyone at City.