MC Stan is well-known Indian rapper, singer, writer and composer. Now MC Stan is going to internet sensation because of winning the trophy of Bigg Boss 16. On Sunday, 12 February 2023, he won a trophy, 31 lakh cash prize along with a brand new car.
MC Stan was born on August 30, 1999, Pune, Maharashtra. He is from the middle-class muslim family. His father is a Maharashtra police officer and his mother is a house-wife. Stan’s real name is Altaf Shaikh aka Altaf Tadavi. He is well-known as a Desi Hip-Hop rapper.
MC Stan grew up on Tadiwala Road in Pune. He started his studies from a private school in Pune. He completed his 12th and after that he left his studies because of rapping. Stan wrote his first rap songs from 8th standard. MC Stan wears a diamond necklace of “HINDI” worth 1.5 crores because he loves the Hindi language. He also has wear a diamond chain of the rupees logo “₹” and a chain with the term “Slatt” and snake shaped pendant
When he was 12 years old, he became a Qawwali performer. MC Stan listened multiple American music artists- Young Thug , Lil Wayne and Eminem, while he was child. He learned B-boying and beatboxing, before entering into rapping. He also revealed that he is a part of street gangs and underground artist. He had been arrested by police because of criminal charges.
Stan debut his first track “Wata” in 2018. His first album “Tadipaar” released in 2020 and second album “Insaan” released in 2022. Stan’s other popular songs are Khuja, Mat, Snake, Ek Din Pyaar, Broke Is A Joke, Basti Ka Hasti and many more. He has collaborated with Raftaar and Seedhe Maut. MC also wants to collaborate with Lil Baby, an American rapper.
In 2022, Stan’s Ex- girlfriend Auzma Shaikh blamed that MC shared her residential address on his social media. After that she was received rape threats. She also talked about her physical assault by Stan’s friends. After this incident, Auzma broke up her relationship with MC Stan.
Niya aka Buba is a new girlfriend of MC Stan. She was performing in his old music videos. She is also known as a famous rapper. Stan revealed his love story with Buba in the Bigg Boss 16. He also told that he went to Buba’s house with 40 people to talk with her parents about their relationship.
MC Stan Income and Net worth is 3 million US dollars.