Captab Entertainment and Gremin Media is going to present the latest Punjabi movie ‘Lanka’ on the famous homegrown OTT platform, Chaupal on 8th October. The makers of the film held a Press Conference at the Press Club Chandigarh introducing a clearer picture of the movie to the media. As the poster of the film revolved, the Punjabi audience is enthralled and awaited the first glimpse of the film. The film has been written-directed by Ravi Punj and produced by Sumeet Mayyar, Mandeep Dhami, Nishant Chaudhary and Gurmeet Singh Lopon. The dept star cast of the film includes Sonia Mann, Sardar Sohi and Yaad Grewal that will be seen playing a fair play in the film as its story demands.

Speaking of the movie, the narrative is a distinctive idea that presents the larger image of Punjab’s political underbelly. The narrative centres on a large number of political newcomers who find themselves sinking in the murky waters being unable to escape from, to their previous lives. Some people fall victim to the darkest aspects of politics and are compelled to succumb to this wickedness.

The movie’s female lead, Sonia Mann, hunts down youngsters to carry out her nefarious plots under the guise of politics, ruining their lives and turning them into gangsters. In light of this, the actress claims that “I’m hoping that the audience will be able to identify with our film’s distinctive narrative and learn about the inner workings of politics. In the context of our budding future, the script is very significant. I’m hoping the audience will see this unique presentation and show their support.”

Sumeet Mayyar, expresses his gratitude for introducing the film, he says” the film has a lot to show to which the audience will also appreciate. The youngsters today are unaware f any facts and realities happening around them which will be shown in th film. We hope that the film will duly deliver the concept we want to.”

The aim of the movie, according to Ravi Punj, is to raise awareness among young people who lose themselves in the worst cultures and communities by presenting this truth. I’m confident that the movie will accomplish its goals and reach a sizable global audience.

Sardar Sohi, a well-known actor and the movie’s leading man, expressed his enthusiasm for the picture by saying, “The story of the film makes my role very similar to my own personality, which is why I quickly decided to play in this picture. I consider the opportunity to act in this movie and I hope the audience will really appreciate and understand the depth of the film.”

The actor in the film, Yaad Grewal says, “As soon as I heard the plot of this movie, I was astounded by the script’s ideas and the kind of ideas it will give the viewers. The public should have surely been made aware of this aspect of Punjabi politics, which Ravi Ji has done. The audience will definitely be enthralled by watching the film”

The movie Lanka will have its OTT release on the Chaupal app on October 8th