On 3 November 2023, a film “UT 69” will be released in theatres. In the movie, Raj Kundra plays the main character and talks about his experiences from his time spent in prison. The film is directed by Shahnawaz Ali and produced by SVS Studios.

Raj also elaborated on how, while he was in prison, he made friends with a few inmates who were “decent” to converse to. “You become a kind of dysfunctional family. The man who was sleeping to my right was accused of 88 murders, and the one sleeping to my left was accused to child rape. There were quite creepy people around, but I was given a couple of jawabdars (influential inmates appointed by the jail authorities to take care of the barrack) who would keep an eye on me. I was told not to talk to anyone there and nobody will talk to me. I felt I would be out in a week or so, so it wouldn’t be a big deal, I had not imagined that I would end up being there for 63 days.”