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Gremin Media – Tech Webbie is a leading Digital Marketing and branding company in chandigarh, surrounded by talented and creative personnels. We are committed to fulfill the business expectations of our clients with efficiency while minimizing the time and financials. Gremin Media can help a brand achieve awareness through steps like brand positioning, sponsorship, marketing, proper advertising, and integrated marketing communication. Amazingly, we are experts in social network marketing, market segmentation, content marketing, influencer marketing, artist management, YouTube promotions and production. We have worked with various artists in punjabi entertainment industry. Such as Amrit Maan, Deep Jandu, Kulwinder Billa, Korala Maan, Nikk, Harvi, Jigar and many more. Furthermore, our upcoming big project ‘Lanka’ , the punjabi movie, is going to release soon. Gremin Media is the best brand promotion company in Chandigarh.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the process of mapping content that you have adapted to the context of each social media pulpit in order to excite user engagement. It plays a vital role to get the brand promoted incredibly. An accurate game plan could change the destiny of the product. Suppose, on any platform, blog content is the master. On another, video rules. And on another still, pictures win the day.  However, each individual platform is different. Basically, every individual wants their content to go viral, which concludes that guidance of a professional is mandatory to make it real. 

Social Media
influencer marketing


Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a category of social media marketing. Running an impactful influencer Marketing campaign is not a bed of roses these days. Conscientious monitoring and regular follow up is required to get the positive results. What you need to verify before opting an Influencer? For instance, if one wants to promote any cuisine as a restaurant. He/she will need to approach the influencer, who posts about food regularly on his/her social media. On the other hand, if you are eager to promote gym equipment or supplements, yes you are right. You will be looking for the individuals whose niche will be fitness.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the ingredient of marketing that employs internet and online based digital technologies such as computers, mobile phones and other digital media to stimulate products or services. It refers to any online marketing endeavour or assets. Which helps to introduce people to your brand and persuade them to buy. For example, Search engine optimization (SEO), Influencer Marketing, Social media marketing, Content marketing, Email marketing and even blogging. As per Google, Facebook has 2.80 billion, Instagram has 1 billion, Whatsapp has 2 billion and YoutTube has more than 2 billion active users in present.The given data speaks about itself how important digital marketing is.

Digital Marketing



Production can be summed up into three main parts. Firstly, pre-production is the planning stage, where we organize all of the ingredients so that the remaining production process is smooth. Secondly, Production is the actual filming of the video and managing all the expenses including artists. Last, but not the least, is post production. Post production is organizing and editing the footage captured in production. Production is one of the major segments of Gremin Media. Our organization has given numerous extensive projects to the industry, which depicts the image of our company in this field. ‘Lanka’ a punjabi movie, going to release soon in our own production house.

Print Media

Print media advertisement

Print media is one of the oldest forms of mass communication. It includes newspapers, weeklies, magazines, monthlies and radio. In the past, people used to write on palm leaves before the discovery of paper. The National Manuscript Library of Delhi has preserved some of the oldest manuscripts written on palm leaves. The art of printing was invented by Chinese people first. They made wooden blocks to print letters. The contribution of print media in providing information and the way of promotion is more effective and remarkable. The print media has not lost its charm even after the advent of electronic media. Moreover, it has the superiority of making a longer impact on the minds of the reader, with more detailed reporting and exploration.

Print Media

Reels Promotion

Reels Promotion Company

Gremin Media is one of the leading digital marketing companies in Chandigarh , surrounded by an army of experts in their work. They are very well in marketing strategies .They have hired talented and creative personnels to fulfill the expectations of clients in just short span of time. Gremin Media is best in network marketing,  content marketing, influencer marketing, artist management, YouTube promotions and production. They have worked with many popular artists in punjabi industry such as Amrit Maan, Deep Jandu, Kulwinder Billa, Korala Maan, Nikk, Harvi, Jigar and many more. Gremin Media is an ideal solution for those who wants to promote themselves and their projects on social media platforms. Undoubtedly, every individual wants to make their content viral . 

With the popularity of Insta reels , its potential as marketing and advertising tool continues to grow as well. Using Instagram reels to promote content is yet another way to expand the business. As per Instagram,”Reels is the best place on Instagram to reach people who don’t follow you and a growing global stage where brands and creators can be discovered by anyone. These ads will help businesses reach greater audiences, allowing people to discover inspiring new content from brands and creators.”GREMIN MEDIA has extravagant reel promotion with the collaboration of heavy influencers bagging viewership in millions. The company is teaming up with the influencers who have their followers in millions. Such as Manpreet Kaur who has 1.5 million of insta fam , Prabh Kaur with 2.2 million followers and many more. Many artists from punjabi industry love to promote their songs , businesses from Gremin Media as their are quite professional in the work of Brand Awareness , Reach , Traffic , Engagement, Video views , Lead Generation, Catalog Sales and Store traffic. So , for the advertising goal , Gremin Media is one of the best option as they have done this for many others.

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