Due to continuous downpour in Bengaluru, the conditions have become really bad and uncontrollable. Not only the Common man is suffering a lot due to havoc created, but the billionaires of top notch companies are also being rescued in boats.

The high-end residential area in the city – Eplison which is 13kms from the central business district is no exception to the rains and has been inundated with rainwater. Bengaluru’s most exclusive gated community is home to big wigs and billionaires like billionaires Wipro chairman Rishad premji, Britannia CEO Varun Berry, Byjus creator Raveendran, Big Basket co-founder Abhinay Choudhari, Page Industries (Jockey) MD Ashok Genomal and many more are among the select 150 people who live there.

The incessant rains on Sunday night have left the multi-crore homes of the city and country’s rich flooded, with no water or power supply.Multiple videos are being shared on social media in which families of these billionaires are being rescued on tractors and boats . Seems like nature is as it’s verge of being angry with humans and is not in the mood to calm down anyhow.