This is the first week of January and as the holiday season is going on , so the movie lovers are going to have a binge week as so many movies are releasing in theatres. Here is the curated list of the movies releasing this week :

5th January 2023 :

1.Thugs of ramaghada –

Directed by Kartik Maralabhavi and starring Chandan Raj, Ashwin Hassan , this movie is releasing in theatres on 5th January. This story is basically a story of battle of ego, revenge , bloodshed.

6th January 2023 :

1.The Y –

Directed by Giridev Raj , starring Leonilla Dsouza and Yuvan , this movie is a story of a young mute girl who gets married and faces a delimna and experience paranormal incidents which turns their life.

2.Prathyardhi –

Directed by Shankar Mudavath , starring Ravi Verma adduri and Rohit behal , this movie is a story revolving around the mysterious case of a person Vijay. Sub inspector considers it as murder case and police arrests the suspect.

3.Vindhya victim verdict –

Directed by P Amudhavanan and starring Varalaxmi and Paavana Gowda , this movie is a story of a fight against injustice of rape murder case. The story unfolds when the system fails due to pressure.

4.Cocktail –

Directed by Sriram Babu and starring Viren Keshav, charishma and others , this movie is a story of murders of three girls in a single night committed by a person dressed as joker.